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Art is a valuable tool for recording information; describing things; building identity; and decorating.  I work with people to create artworks that serve the purposes that they need.

School Run (Gowrie Mountain)


Commission for private collection, 2015.


almost done

Mural for a pet crematorium in Toowoomba (commissioned in two stages shown above and below), 2015.

pets rip mural2

wellcamp mural2

Book themed mural for school, 2015.

wellcamp mural1

Tennis court mural, 2015.

Blue Wren 4, watercolour on paper, 20cm x 20cm 2014

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DSC_2214_802for posting_090(for web)DSC_2214_802for posting

I've had the chance to work with some great people this year on artworks for their homes and workspaces. This one was for a pair of travellers who wanted something for their new home to go along with the theme of world travel. One of the places they had loved visiting was Vietnam and these hanging lanterns created such a great sense of other world culture and adventure. And who can resist a vintage suitcase...

Commission for private collection, 2014.

12-08-01-061for blog_092(for web)12-08-01-061for blog

DSC_1963_672for posting_20(small for blog)

_512(for email)

Commission for private collection, 2015.

DSC_2639_934for posting_12(small for blog)

12-12-13-273for blog_107(for web)12-12-13-273for blog



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